I am Pablo Perdomo.

Master Coach with NLP, certified by the International Coaching Association with NLP.
I specialize in transition and change processes. In those critical moments where the difference between success and failure is made.

I trained in the program designed by Dr. Edmundo Velasco and Dr. John Grinder co-creator of NLP, under the New Code NLP (new code in NLP), and FOCUS NLP (Nonlinear Programming).
I work on what I love, help others find their life purpose, empower them and give them tools of change so that they achieve permanent results and in the shortest possible time, eliminating the unconscious mental limitations that move the person away from their goals and objectives. Perhaps you are at this time turning to a recurring situation that you have not yet been able to realize, a dream that does not materialize, a difficulty that always keeps you in the same place and does not allow you to move forward, and you do not know why. The good news is that it has a solution and we can obtain the desired results permanently and in the short term. I usually work with people who are in full productive stage, where the demands are strongest, and the potential is in full development. When the needs and desires are more alive than ever, when the challenges are getting bigger. By trusting your life in my hands, I promise to put you in the best possible place, with the best tools, initiating a process of transformation that will take you beyond your borders. I have the necessary training and experience so that you can lead your life from good to excellent in the shortest possible time. I would like to have you within my group of clients and that you can tell your friends and family that the radical changes in your life are because you work with your own Personal Coach. As is often the case with my clients, filling me with pride in seeing them manage to define and execute their own goals, changing their lives, participating in their change and transformation. That is my greatest reward, knowing that it was achieved.

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Certificación Master Coach con PNL
Certificación Internacional en Coaching con PNL
Diploma Facilitador de Procesos de Cambio con PNL
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Curso lenguaje PNL


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